The Governing Council approves the Document for the Support for “Local Councils for the Republic”


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The Governing Council of the Council for the Republic has approved the Framework Document for the Development of “Local Councils for the Republic, setting out and unifying the roles and criteria for constituting these bodies.


The Local Councils for the Republic are a project given life by initiatives from civil society. On 12 January 2019 the National Catalan Assembly (ANC) agreed to support their creation with the aim of establishing Catalan Republic from inside the country. As a result of this proposal some Local Councils initiated pilot projects. On 30 September 2019, following an agreement of the Plenary, they and the elected representatives of the Municipality of Amer agreed to constitute themselves as a Local Council for the Republic. Forty or so Local Councils are in the process of being set up throughout the country with diverse forms of constitution.

The Governing Council for the Republic, meeting on 1 October last, enthusiastically welcomes these initiatives and agrees to support the establishing of Councils across the country, setting criteria for creating direct links.

Building the Republic from the power of the people: from bottom to top within a national structure.

On 1 October 2017 the people of Catalonia voted in a referendum to become an Independent State in the form of a Republic, a wish that was denied and repressed by the forces of the Spanish state. In effect, that repression makes it difficult for Catalan institutions to implement the mandate from that referendum with complete freedom.

Consequently, as they did on 1 October, the citizens of Catalonia are again taking the initiative to construct republican power on the basis of their own personal sovereignty and are organising to implement that mandate.

The Independent State in the form of the Republic is the objective we aim to make a reality through the people’s organising abilities and a fierce determination to continue working until the I October mandate is implemented.

The creation of sovereign spaces from bottom to top within neighbourhoods, towns, cities and districts is the way to move forward in order to galvanise the power of the republic that is rooted nationally in the country and the power of the people.

1. The Development of Local Councils for the Catalan Republic 

Many of those elected in the municipal elections of 25 May this year embrace the objective of working to implement the mandate of 1 October in their municipality. With the backing of their voters, they are the natural driving force and local government participants in the Council for the Republic within the municipality.

Similarly, the municipal entities committed to the objective of constituting a Local Council can take the initiative, by inviting those who stood for election with a commitment to implement the 1 October mandate to join the Council, given that they represent the wishes of those who voted for them

Consequently, Local Councils can be led by municipal councillors, by municipal entities and/or people on an individual basis. In any case, a broad consensus will be required across a community’s social and political representatives, and a public call for the constituent session of the Local Council by these social and political representatives.

2. Criteria for Constituting a Council

2.1. Every Local Council will be constituted by:

  • municipal councillors belonging to parties in favour of establishing the Catalan Republic. – or also district councillors in the case of Barcelona.
  • pro-independence entities with a presence in the municipality.
  • individual citizens who wish to participate, on a basis of the criterion of plurality.
  • in those cases where these circumstances don’t obtain, the relevant organ of the Council for the Republic will evaluate case by case suitability for the constitution of a Local Council and, when it considers it appropriate, will forward corrective measures to be taken.

2.2 The executive body of the Local Council will comprise:

  • elected representatives or the totality of municipal groups.
  • them and representatives of entities, citizens on an individual basis democratically elected to that end.

3. Participation of the citizenry

All individuals in the municipality who wish to will can participate in the Council Assembly and in the working committees established to implement projects in the Working Plan decided by the Governing Council.

Members of local Councils will be listed in the register of the Council for the Republic.

4. Area of Representation

The area for constituting the Local Council can be municipal, a group of municipalities or a district, or a neighbourhood or district in the case of Barcelona and cities with over 100.000 inhabitants. In the case of neighbourhoods and districts, groups of municipalities or districts, the criteria for their constitution will be the same as those established in points 2.1. and 2.2.

In those cases where the area of representation of the local Council is not municipal, prior validation by the corresponding organ of the Council for the Republic will be required for its constitution.

5. The relationship with the Council for the Republic.

The relationship of local Councils with the Governing Council will be key in endowing the whole of the network of Councils with strategic coherence and guaranteeing shared objectives and the coordination of actions and projects.

Local Councils for the Republic will sign a “letter of Commitment” drawn up by the Council for the Republic that will determine, among other questions, objectives and political goals for local Councils and the basis for their functioning.

The acceptance of this “Commitment” implies:

  • Their formal recognition as local Councils by the Council for the Republic.
  • The right to use the corporate image of the Council for the Republic.
  • The right and duty to operate in coordination with the political organs of the Council for the Republic.
  • The right to have stable communication with the technical structure of the Council for the Republic.

With a view to guaranteeing these rights and duties, the Governing Council of the Council for the Republic must constitute the Liaison Commission with Local Councils for a Catalan Republic, with technical support

6. Functions and aims of local Councils

6.1. General political functions

  • To develop strategies for the full establishment of the Catalan Republic
  • To collaborate with all institutional acts and acts by civil society that have as their objective the full establishment of the Republic
  • To recognise the Council for the Republic, as a free and sovereign institution whose mission is to assure the effective independence of Catalonia, as the only legitimate institution to regulate its functions
  • To act as a space for free and sovereign political representation in the municipality (or in its area or representation, if it isn’t municipal), unrestricted by the powers of the Spanish state
  • To promote unified strategic actions within their area towards the full establishment of the Republic

6. 2. Functions of support/collaboration with the Council for the Republic

  • To promote membership of the Council for the Republic (CxR)
  • To encourage the participation of members in the CxR: consultations, participatory processes.
  • To contribute to the organisation of elections to the Representative Assembly
  • To collaborate in actions of civic diplomacy
  • To propose ideas for activities to the CxR
  • To support with the territory of the CxR projects to be carried out there
  • Training in the use of the digital tools of the CxR
  • Debates to encourage the spread of the CxR (their importance. mission, functions, usefulness, etc)

6.3. Other functions

  • Support for the “Strategic Consumption” campaign led by the ANC and similar campaigns by other entities.
  • Participation in the creation of resistance funds (by families, localities, etc.)
  • To promote participation in the Constituent Debate.
  • To support whatever activities the Governing Council for the Council for the Republic proposes.

Waterloo, 11 October 2019


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