The Council’s Delegation in Northern Catalonia has its official launch in Perpignan


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Last Thursday saw the official launch of the Council’s Delegation in Northern Catalonia in the Castellet Cinema in Perpignan. Members of the Government Council for the Republic participated alongside Lluís Llach and Carme García, and a video was shown especially made by President Carles Puigdemont for the occasion.

In his message, President Puigdemont thanked Northern Catalonia for the acts of “republican solidarity” in relation to Southern  Catalonia, in a reference to the contribution made by storing the 1-O ballot-boxes and recent help in blocking the frontier.

It is the fruit of a feeling that is deeply rooted in Northern Catalan society, and is sustained by one of the strongest Republican values that exists: the fraternity that has brought more closely together than ever the two sides of the Pyrenees. We needed you and we had you,” he said in thanks. “I hope and I am convinced that we will soon be able to meet in person here in your home and be able to take steps towards this idea of a Catalan republic that we share,” he declared.

The act was attended by 150 people and 80 new members joined the Council. The launch received the support of leading Northern Catalans like Catherine Barrere, Jean Paul Alduy, Thierry Meyer. Miquel Arnaudies, Annabelle Brunet and Joan Daniel Besnonnoff. The eight members of the new Delegation are: Francesc Bitlloch, Josep Bonet, Jaume Domènec, Carles Garsaball, Joan-LLuís Lluís, Hervé Pi, Carles Sarrat and the President, Júlia Taurinyà.


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