The Council for the Republic sets in motion the Republican Solidarity Action Fund


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The Council for the Republic and the network of Local Councils within the country intend to collaborate in order to expand the community mutual support networks that are springing up across the land to fight against the coronavirus and its impact on health, society and the economy.

In response to the demand from the health sector and the population as a result of the lack of health material like facemasks, surgical gowns, among others, several Local Councils have been working for weeks to make up for the lack of these materials in our towns and cities.

This was the origin of the Republican Social Action Plan by which we have joined together with the different solidarity initiatives taken by foundations, town halls, associations etc… and from now onwards with the Local Councils we have organised ourselves into a network and are working towards two main objectives:

  • On the advice of health sector experts and following their instructions we have begun the production of facemasks for health purposes made from Fanotex barrier tissue. This material is artificial material that allows individual use and can withstand up to 80 washes at 60 degrees. It is produced in Catalonia and is re-usable, with the logistic, environmental, economic advantages that implies. The Local Council in Sabadell is leading the production of 20000 facemasks that are then being distributed to health centres by Local Councils across the country, who have previously carried out an inventory of the needs of centres in their towns and cities.

  • Local Councils have created a network for the domestic manufacture of facemasks, gowns and other materials that may be needed for home as well as health sector use. We can count on the support of hundreds of volunteers, members of Local Councils who distribute the materials, cut the patterns, sew the individual items and distribute the health product for domestic or health sector use according to the needs they have logged, and together with other entities and institutions they are working nonstop to supply the needs of the citizens of Catalonia.

In order to encourage these initiatives, and other that will follow, within the framework of The Republican Social Action plan, the Council for the Republic has created a Republican Solidarity Action Fund to which all who wish to can send donations. This Fund will be entirely destined to fight the coronavirus through the activities we have described.


In order to guarantee maximum transparency we will publish periodically the amount donated and there will be a Fund Management Committee that will distribute resources to the different solidarity initiatives promoted by Local Councils.

If you would like to be an active member of this solidarity network, contact your Local Council through the following link where you will find details of those that have been established: or write to us at 


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