The Assembly of Elected Representatives of Catalonia has been constituted


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Cal disputar el poder!
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In fulfilment of the 1 October mandate, with objective of building the Catalan Republic, and under the auspices of the Council, over 1900 elected representatives from the country constituted the Assembly, which unanimously approved the following political position and commitments:

Commitment 1. To set up a working committee to articulate the assembly from today onwards. To work on its organisation, forms of participation and decision-making. In sum, to develop a proposal for GOVERNANCE, to be debated and approved at the next Assembly.

We suggest that the provisional steering group become that working committee until the next assembly and should comprise members with differing political and territorial interests: Aurora Madaula, Toni Morral, Maties Serracant, Josep Maria Cervera, Marc Solsona, Jordi Gaseni, Ferran Bel, Marc Sanglas, Isaac Peraire, Dolors Sabater, Marta Madrenas, Toni Comín , Cristina Mundet, and Laia Estrada

Commitment 2: We commit to defending the civil, social and political rights of the citizens we represent. We commit to being at the side of individuals who suffer repression.

Commitment 3. We commit to implementing the SPAINSITANDTALK action in the Spanish state. Thus, each one of us will contact elected representatives of municipal, autonomous and state institutions within the State, by letter, personal visit or whatever means suitable, to denounce the repression being suffered by our citizens, the democratic regression experienced across the state, and insist that the State they are part of must SITANDTALK. This action can also be extended to municipalities with which we are twinned, and also in the international arena.

You can see the first Assembly at


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