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House of the Catalan Republic

The House of the Catalan Republic is the residence in exile of the 130th president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, M.H.P. Carles Puigdemont and Casamajó. It is also the headquarters of the Council for the Catalan Republic.

The House is located in the town of Waterloo, Belgium, at number 34 of Rue de l’Avocat.

On the ground floor are the offices and meeting rooms of the President and the members of the Council for the Catalan Republic.

Goals and objectives

Since the establishment of the house in Waterloo as a residence in exile of President Puigdemont and the headquarters of the Council of Government for the Catalan Republic, the House has become an iconic place to visit for people who want to  show their solidarity with the exiles and with the Catalan Republic.

The House also promotes a number of  projects, internationalization and the construction of the Catalan Republic.

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