Communiqué on the occasion of the Euro-orders against Councillors Comín, Ponsatí and Puig

From the Governing Council for the Republic and following the activation of the new Euro-orders calling for the extradition of exiled Councillors Toni Comín, Clara Ponsatí and Lluís Puig, we wish to express:

  • Our total support for the Councillors and members of the Governing Council for the Republic and we place ourselves entirely at their disposition.
  • Our continued denunciation of the politicisation of the Spanish justice system that is activating these Euro-orders in the middle of an election campaign and after a televised debate in which acting president, Mr Pedro Sánchez, made an electoral pledge to arrest President Puigdemont. Spanish political parties aim and the public prosecutor and judges fire demonstrating the shameful lack of separation of powers within the Spanish state.
  • The Council for the Republic is recognised by the Spanish state as the only Republican institution and given the impossibility of dissolving it by applying a 155 as they did with our institutions of the Government of the Generalitat, they opt to apply selective repression by ordering the extradition of the three councillors who form part of the Governing Council for the Republic.
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