Communiqué in support of citizens actions in response to the sentences


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Cal disputar el poder!
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The Council for the Republic is grateful for and gives support to the acts rejecting the unjust sentences given by the Spanish Supreme Court and to the political movement created by citizens of Catalonia through their various actions in an exercise of peaceful resistance throughout Catalonia.

The quality of a mature democracy is seen through its institutions but above all through its people. The response in the form of these differing actions by citizens of Catalonia to defend their civil and political rights is one of the finest examples of the democratic maturity and excellence of this society of which we are most proud.

The self-organisation of a society to be able to respond to injustice and demand its rights in a collective, orderly manner with peaceful, civic protests is an example of democratic maturity that can in no way be curtailed by a state, like the Spanish state, that is trying to undermine and repress such basic rights as the right to free association, expression and demonstration.

We express our total rejection of the manoeuvres of the Spanish state in its attempt to persecute and shut down the Democratic Tsunami app whose only aim is to organise the people so it can protect itself in a civic, peaceful way. We demand the Spanish state stops using the institutions of the State to apply censorship and suppress freedoms.

We encourage the citizens of Catalonia to defend its rights, freedom and self-determination, as they have done hitherto, on a permanent basis until there is an end to the repression exercised by the Spanish State that restricts rights and freedoms in Catalonia.

The Council for the Republic is committed to keep on working to develop Republican institutions to guarantee freedom and democracy, defending as urgent necessities: the withdrawal of the security forces and bodies of the Spanish state and an end to police violence against the citizens of Catalonia. We demand an amnesty for all the political prisoners sentenced by the Supreme Court and the immediate freeing of all the other political prisoners, the end to all court cases against the independence movement and the untrammelled return of all those in exile and we call for a referendum on self-determination, organised by the government of Catalonia with the agreement of the Spanish government and supervised by the relevant international bodies.


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