Communiqué from the Governing Council of the Council for the Catalan Republic


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Cal disputar el poder!
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From last Monday we Catalan have shown the world how to act with dignity and democracy. The Council for the Catalan Republic supports and is grateful for the mobilisations springing up across Catalonia.

We encourage all democrats to continue to mobilise and to persist until their non-violent actions succeed in winning :

The three demands of the Democratic Catalan revolt

1 Peace. We demand that the security forces and bodies of the Spanish state be withdrawn. That there must be an end to police violence against Catalan citizens. We also denounce violence against media professionals, that is an attempt to interfere with the right to freedom of expression. We demand there be a thorough investigation of police violence and that those responsible be brought to justice. We demand that the Catalan police, the Mossos d’Esquadra, behave within the parameters fitting for a democratic police force as they did on 1 October, showing scrupulous respect for the rights of the citizenry, in accord with the recommendations issued by the Ombudsman.

2 Freedom. An end to imprisonments and exile. An end to arbitrary arrests. We demand an amnesty for all political prisoners sentenced by the Spanish Supreme Court, the immediate release of all other political prisoners, the end of all legal cases against the independence movement and the free return of all those in exile.

3 Self-determination. We demand a referendum for self-determination be organised by the Catalan government in accord with the Spanish government and supervised by international bodies, to ratify the 1 October referendum for self-determination. There are states, European or beyond, and international organisations and institutions who can endorse the result, which, if favourable, should lead to the immediate proclamation of the Republic.


We have responded to the shameful sentences issued by the Supreme Court, standing proud, and not on our knees. Young and old, let us remain standing proud, until victory is ours!

19 October 2019


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