Communiqué from the Council before the Call for a forum for dialogue between the Catalan and Spanish governments


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Cal disputar el poder!
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The Council for the Republic, from its creation, has worked towards the recognition of the right to self-determination that the people of Catalonia exercised on 1st October 2017 and for the resolution of the political conflict between Spain and Catalonia. A conflict, that has led the previous government of the Generalitat to prison and exile and brought with it the harsh repression of Catalan civil society and the infringement of its most basic rights.

Given a forum for dialogue has been tabled between the Catalan and Spanish governments we suggest the following points for consideration:

  1. The Council for the Republic, 14 September 2019, published a communiqué where it proposed to the Spanish state the establishing of body to negotiate the resolution of the conflict on the basis of the following measures:
    1. The recognition by the state of the right to self-determination that the Catalan people exercised on 1st October, 2017.
    2. The end of repression and total respect for political and civil rights, as recognised by international law.
    3. Independent mediation in the negotiations.
  2. In line with this proposal, we welcome the initiation of the beginning of a dialogue to resolve the Catalan political conflict, and, consequently, have participated in the preparatory meetings called by President Quim Torra and involving the government of the Generalitat, the different parliamentary independence groups and the main civil associations in Catalonia.
  3. We thank President Quim Torra for the invitation to participate in the first session of dialogue that will be held next 26 February. At the same time, we note that the Spanish government has not shown any interest in considering the three measures we have proposed.
  4. Without equal status for the different protagonists it is impossible to have a frank and productive dialogue. Consequently, we call on the Spanish government to stop the repression and to guarantee the political and civil rights of citizens, to be open to discussing the Catalan people’s right to self-determination, wherein lies the root of the conflict, and to accept the potential agreements that may be reached should be validated internationally via the figure of an independent mediator.


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