The Council’s Delegation in Northern Catalonia has its official launch in Perpignan

Last Thursday saw the official launch of the Council’s Delegation in Northern Catalonia in the Castellet Cinema in Perpignan. Members of the Government Council for the Republic participated alongside Lluís Llach and Carme García, and a video was shown especially made by President Carles Puigdemont for the occasion. In his message, President Puigdemont thanked Northern […]

The Assembly of Elected Representatives of Catalonia has been constituted

In fulfilment of the 1 October mandate, with objective of building the Catalan Republic, and under the auspices of the Council, over 1900 elected representatives from the country constituted the Assembly, which unanimously approved the following political position and commitments: Commitment 1. To set up a working committee to articulate the assembly from today onwards. […]